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Rangers Ballpark in Arlington


Corporate name is out the window

After ten seasons as The Ballpark In Arlington, this lovely park became known as Ameriquest Field In Arlington in 2004. Gee, had a ring to it, didn't it? The name proved to be very unpopular with the Rangers' fans, and when the team had the opportunity to buy out Ameriquest's corporate sponsorship agreement prior to the 2007 season, thankfully they did exactly that.

No matter what it's called, it's still one of the most attractive around, one that fittingly wears the nickname of just The Ballpark. The shot on the left above shows how the reflecting pool on the north side of the stadium provides infinite possibilities for photographers. On the right, one of the many positive architectural features of the park is shown. It's the double-deck "home run porch" in right field.

This is certainly a hitter's park, and fans love the home team's home runs. Those long-balls trigger fireworks from the roof beyond center field, like this celebration following an Ian Kinsler HR in 2009. And check out our Facebook page for photo albums of the Rangers' run through the ALDS, ALCS and World Series in 2010.

As the perennially last-place Rangers emerged as contenders, sell-outs in Arlington became much more common. Therefore, click here for tickets at Rangers Ballpark In Arlington. You don't want to be shut out!

RANK IN ITS DIVISION:  1st out of 4
RANK AMONG PARKS BUILT SINCE 1990:  10th out of 23

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