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There are over 400,000 words on Baseballparks.com, plus we have Twitter content and a Facebook page to complement this website. Sifting through almost half a million words would be a daunting task ... unless we had a handy search tool for you to use!

We've partnered with Lijit to bring you the latest and greatest technology for searching all of the available conent in the Baseballparks.com Universe! Have fun with it!

A FEW HINTS: Be patient, because it takes a little bit of time to sort through a lot of data once you click on "search;" once the search results are displayed, click on the SITE tab toward the top of the page to show ALL of the places (even in our archives) where your search topic is mentioned in Baseballparks.com; the tab called LIJIT PICKS provides just a subset of all of the places, but they are the ones that their search engine feels are the most relevant for you; we are not responsible for the sponsored links above the line that says SITE RESULTS.

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