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Contest 48


The ten years between 2001 and 2010 saw quite a building boom of new ballparks. From the top level (the Majors) to the Minors and spring training, numerous new facilities sprang up across the country. Let's see what you know about them.

Send your Contest entries to:

Here are ten questions, some with photos. The correct answer will always be a ballpark that opened during this ten-year period. All you have to do is name the ballpark.

If you need some help, you can refer to our in-depth review of these parks. There is a page that leads you to every one of the in-depth reviews I've prepared over the years.

A grand prize will be awarded to the entry that is chosen at random from among all entries with at least nine correct responses (and that followed the rules!). All you need to provide in your answers is the name of the park, not the name of the team or the city.

Make sure that the e-mail carrying your entry has "Contest 48" (and nothing else) in the subject line. You must also provide your name and the city in which you live (see Rules below).  If you don't follow these simple rules, your entry will be disqualified.  Also, because we will ship the prize to you if your entry is chosen as the winner, we are now only accepting entries from the United States (shipping outside of the U.S. is now even more difficult than it used to be). If you're outside the U.S., feel free to enter if you want, but note that if you win, we can't send you the prize -- but you're welcome to come to Texas to pick it up!

And if you use AOL or any e-mail software with a "filter," please please don't block me from being able to respond to you in case you win.   It's very frustrating to have my e-mail returned, which happens a lot.  Obviously, you won't win the prize if I can't e-mail you to tell you so and find out your address!

By the way, I used to respond personally to every single entry, telling you whether you provided enough correct answers to qualify for the drawing. The sheer volume of entries that we receive these days makes that impractical, but please know that I scrutinize every one of the entries, and all of them with the required number of correct responses (and that comply with the Contest rules) are placed in contention for the drawing. Obviously, you will be contacted if your entry is selected as the winner!

The correct answers for the previous contest are at the bottom of this page, by the way.

Again, the only response you need to provide is the name of the park. Not the city. Not the team. Just the park name.

Good luck!

1. One of the ballparks that won our Ballpark Of The Year (given to the best new park the year it opened) was designed by the architects at DLR. Name the park.

2. One city saw two different Major League ballparks open during this decade. In fact, they both opened the same year. Name the two ballparks.

3. Name the International League park that opened this decade that also led all of Minor League Baseball in attendance (average crowd per game) in 2010.

4. The photo above shows a park that opened in 2006. It is used by both a Minor League team and a university's baseball program (in fact, in the background of the photo you can see the university's massive football stadium). Name the park.

5. Twice during this decade, a MLB team played in the World Series the same year their new ballpark opened. Name the two ballparks that hosted the Fall Classic in their first year.

6. Arizona saw a slew of new spring-training parks open during this decade. Name the one pictured on the left side below.

7. The photo on the right-hand side above was taken as the very first pitch was being thrown in this new ballpark. Name it.

8. One Major League franchise moved to a new city, then played for three seasons in an older stadium before its new ballpark finally opened. Name the new park.

9. A new spring-training complex opened less than two miles from University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Fiesta Bowl and the Cardinals of the NFL. Name the ballpark in this complex.

10. The park above was named the Ballpark Of The Year the year it opened, although the pool was added a couple of years later. Name the park.

Official Rules of BASEBALLPARKS.COM's Contests

Only one entry per person.  Entries must be e-mailed using the address in the box above. Please make sure it says "Contest 48" -- and nothing else -- in the subject box. Because the winner will have the prize shipped to him/her, you must be within the United States to be eligible.  

Your e-mail must include your name and the city in which you live. Therefore, after providing your guesses, an acceptable ending to your e-mail could be:

John Doe
Dyersville, Iowa

Note that your e-mail address is never provided to anyone else.

The prize winner for the Contest will be selected at random by the Webmaster's fifteen year old from among all entries with the following: the required number of correct answers; the contestant's name and city; the ability to e-mail the contestant (i.e., if my e-mails to you are blocked -- meaning I can't communicate with you by e-mail -- then you will not be eligible to win the prize); the contestant resides in the U.S.  If your entry lacks any of these items, it will be disqualified.  Due to the volume of entries received, there won't be personal responses to each entry -- although every entry received will be assessed to see if it contains the required information and graded. By entering this Contest, you consent that your name and city will be shown toward the bottom of the page of the next Contest, provided your entry is chosen as a prize winner.  You are ineligible if you have won one of BASEBALLPARKS.COM's contests in the past 12 months.  No purchase is necessary.  Void where prohibited.  Correct answers will be revealed at the bottom of the next Contest.  And the most important rule is:  have fun with it!

Results of Contest 47

Congratulations to Graham Knight of Smyrna, Georgia whose entry was selected at random as the grand-prize winner of Contest 47!

In case you didn't check it out previously, feel free to look over Contest 47 (realizing, of course, that it's too late to enter now!).  Anyway, here are the correct answers for that Contest:

1. (New) Yankee Stadium

2. Bowling Green Ballpark

3. Aces Ballpark

4. Goodyear Ballpark

5. Citi Field

6. Charlotte Sports Park

7. Parkview Field

8. Camelback Ranch

9. Gwinnett Stadium/Coolray Field

10. Huntington Park