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Contest 49

Fenway Park celebrates its 100th birthday this year. That's a great reason to make all ten of our Contest questions about Fenway!

Send your Contest entries to:

The grand prize is a copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Hall of Fame's Memories and Dreams magazine that was devoted entirely to Fenway Park. It will be awarded to the entry that is chosen at random from among all entries with at least nine correct responses (and that followed the rules below!).

Make sure that the e-mail carrying your entry has "Contest 49" (and nothing else) in the subject line. You must also provide your name and the city in which you live (see Rules below).  If you don't follow these simple rules, your entry will be disqualified.  Also, because we will ship the prize to you if your entry is chosen as the winner, we are now only accepting entries from the United States (shipping outside of the U.S. is now even more difficult than it used to be). If you're outside the U.S., feel free to enter if you want, but note that if you win, we can't send you the prize -- but you're welcome to come to Texas to pick it up!

And if you use AOL or any e-mail software with a "filter," please please don't block me from being able to respond to you in case you win.   It's very frustrating to have my e-mail returned, which happens a lot.  Obviously, you won't win the prize if I can't e-mail you to tell you so and find out your address!

By the way, I used to respond personally to every single entry, telling you whether you provided enough correct answers to qualify for the drawing. The sheer volume of entries that we receive these days makes that impractical, but please know that I scrutinize every one of the entries, and all of them with the required number of correct responses (and that comply with the Contest rules) are placed in contention for the drawing. Obviously, you will be contacted if your entry is selected as the winner!

The correct answers for the previous contest are at the bottom of this page, by the way.

Good luck!

1. The first game played at Fenway was on April 20, 1912. That wasn't supposed to be the first game, though, as the weather disrupted the schedule. What date was originally scheduled to be the first regular-season game at Fenway Park?

2. Normally, the opening of a new baseball stadium would be big news in Boston. However, another newsworthy event occurred five days before Fenway's first game, and it was still generating front-page headlines when Fenway opened. What was that event?

3. Perhaps the most famous seats in Fenway are on top of the Green Monster. What year did these "Monster Seats" (below) make their debut?

Contest 49 photo 1

4. Speaking of famous seats, there is one red seat in the right-field bleachers that marks the longest home run in Fenway's history. Name the hitter who hit this 502-foot blast, and provide the section number, row number and seat number of this red seat.

5. The AL Boston Red Sox and the NL Boston Braves used to play a "City Series" of exhibition games either right before or right after the regular season. The final such "official" City Series game in Boston occurred on April 12, 1953, the Braves having announced a move to Milwaukee just a couple of weeks earlier. (While the two teams played each other in pre-season exhibitions the following year, they were not considered to be part of the "City Series"). Which team won that 1953 game and what was the final score?

6. On August 29, 1997, the Braves returned to Boston for regular-season games for the first time in 45 years. Atlanta won the inter-league game at Fenway that day. Who was the winning pitcher?

7. Most foul poles don't have nicknames, but the right-field pole (below) in Fenway most definitely does. Who is the former player whose name is forever linked with this foul pole?

Contest 49 photo 2

8. Sixty-four SABR members attended the same game at Fenway, and each wrote about the game and/or his experience that evening. That collection of essays became the book called The Fenway Project. What was the date (day and year) of the game they all attended?

9. Fenway hosted the World Series in its very first year, as the Red Sox won the 1912 AL pennant. The first game at Fenway was October 9, 1912. What was the final score of this game?

10. The Green Monster wasn't always green, because for years, it was covered with advertisements. In what year was it painted green?

BONUS QUESTION: What batter hit the first grand slam in Fenway? Hint: it was not a Red Sox player.

Official Rules of BASEBALLPARKS.COM's Contests

Only one entry per person.  Entries must be e-mailed using the address in the box above. Please make sure it says "Contest 49" (without the quotation marks) -- and nothing else -- in the subject box. Because the winner will have the prize shipped to him/her, you must be within the United States to be eligible.  

Your e-mail must include your name and the city in which you live. Therefore, after providing your guesses, an acceptable ending to your e-mail could be:

John Doe
Dyersville, Iowa

Note that your e-mail address is never provided to anyone else.

The prize winner for the Contest will be selected at random by the Webmaster's sixteen year old from among all entries with the following: the required number of correct answers; the contestant's name and city; the ability to e-mail the contestant (i.e., if my e-mails to you are blocked -- meaning I can't communicate with you by e-mail -- then you will not be eligible to win the prize); the contestant resides in the U.S.  If your entry lacks any of these items, it will be disqualified.  Due to the volume of entries received, there won't be personal responses to each entry -- although every entry received will be assessed to see if it contains the required information and graded. By entering this Contest, you consent that your name and city will be shown toward the bottom of the page of the next Contest, provided your entry is chosen as a prize winner.  You are ineligible if you have won one of BASEBALLPARKS.COM's contests in the past 12 months.  No purchase is necessary.  Void where prohibited.  Correct answers will be revealed at the bottom of the next Contest.  And the most important rule is:  have fun with it!

Results of Contest 48

Congratulations to DOUGLAS DINSMOOR of LAKEWOOD, CO, whose entry was selected at random as the grand-prize winner of Contest 48!


I don't often get to meet the winners of our Contests, but in this case I did. Here I am with Mr. Dinsmoor, who is the one on the right. He operates the Open Stance website. NOTE: Rather than accept a prize for himself, Douglas elected to have send a donation to B's Ballpark Museum instead. Needless to say, Douglas is a good man!

In case you didn't check it out previously, feel free to look over Contest 48 (realizing, of course, that it's too late to enter now!).  Anyway, here are the correct answers for that Contest:

1. Fluor Field (formerly West End Field)

2. Citi Field and Yankee Stadium

3. Coca Cola Park

4. Medlar Field at Lubrano Park

5. Busch Stadium and Yankee Stadium

6. Surprise Stadium

7. Arvest Ballpark

8. Nationals Park

9. Camelback Ranch

10. Dr Pepper Ballpark (formerly Dr Pepper 7 Up Ballpark)