A comparison of the two parks of the 2011 World Series

In the 2011 Fall Classic, you have a team that has won 17 NL pennants and 10 World Series over the years playing a hungry squad searching for its first World Championship. Both the Cardinals and Rangers have championship ballparks, though, so let’s compare them side-by-side.

As we’ve been doing since 2003, here is our “tale of the tape” of the two parks in this year’s Fall Classic. As always, some of the items are a little tongue-in-cheek!

Rangers interior Inside Busch interior

Rangers Ballpark

Busch Stadium

Originally called The Ballpark In Arlington, it opened in 1994 Year opened Opened next door to its predecessor in 2006.
In an entertainment district between Dallas and Fort Worth Site Downtown St. Louis, wedged up against multi-deck freeway
Scenes from Texas history in bas-relief friezes on exterior, commercial space beyond CF, Home Run Porch Special features Statues of Musial, Schoendienst, Sisler, Gibson and Hornsby
David M. Schwartz Architectural Services and HKS Designed by HOK (now called Populous)
$191 million Cost to build $365 million
The deepest point is in deep right-center at 407′
Outfield dimensions 336′-375′-400′-375′-335′
49,170. 51,746 including standing-room Seating capacity 43,975. 46,861 including standing-room
Natural grass Playing surface Natural grass
2010 was the first, so this is the second World Series hosted This is the second
Never Last World Series won by home team 2006, 4 games to 1 over Detroit
1995, won by the National League 3-2 All Star Games hosted 2009, won by the American League 4-3
Nolan Ryan statue in center field Landmark Spectacular view of Gateway Arch
Pitcher’s nightmare. Yields 50% more HRs than MLB average, making it easiest park in which to hit HRs. Also ranks 1st in runs scored. Park factors (2011)
source: ESPN.com
Favors pitchers. Yields 24% fewer HRs than average, making it 4th hardest in which to hit HRs. Ranks 25th in runs scored.
Fans who fill the seats and who loved their first taste of the World Series in 2010, and now want a championship Filled with Simply the best fans in the sport. They’re knowledgeable and respectful of the opposition
Rangers Outside Busch exterior

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