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Your webmaster ranks all 30 big league parks

For years, I’ve maintained a ranking of the 30 MLB parks here on Then USA Today asked me to write an article on how I prepared my list. They also wanted me to take a fresh look at my 1-to-30 ranking. They then printed all of this in their 2013 Baseball Annual magazine.

They liked what I did, so they asked me to write 30 articles in 30 weeks, counting down the big-league parks from worst to best. That prompted me to re-think everything, and for the most part, the list below reflects that renewed thinking.

Since then, I decided to flip my #1 and #2, so Pittsburgh now wins and Wrigley (with its way-too-big-and-bright video boards) drops to second. I also had to remove Turner Field and find a place for SunTrust Park, which many fans have criticized, but I think for all the wrong reasons (hey, just because you’re pissed off because the traffic and parking are bad doesn’t mean the park’s architecture and concessions are awful). And I adjusted Fenway downward because when I explain to people what I don’t like about it, they invariably say “Then why do you rate it as highly as you do?” Good point.

No doubt, any ranking I do will stir up some controversy … so feel free to make comments in the space below the list to tell me how I’m all wrong. Before you do, though, keep in mind I haven’t just read about the 30 parks currently in Major League Baseball. I’ve attended multiple games at every one of the 30, photographed all aspects of them, and written extensively about them. I think I’ve done my homework to be able to make some valid comparisons.

But they are still simply my opinions.

  1. PNC Park
  2. Wrigley Field
  3. AT&T Park
  4. Kauffman Stadium
  5. Coors Field
  6. Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  7. Citi Field
  8. Fenway Park
  9. Petco Park
  10. SunTrust Park
  11. Target Field
  12. Dodger Stadium
  13. Busch Stadium
  14. Marlins Park
  15. Safeco Field
  16. Nationals Park
  17. Yankee Stadium
  18. Comerica Park
  19. Citizens Bank Park
  20. Miller Park
  21. Progressive Field
  22. Globe Life Park
  23. Great American Ball Park
  24. Minute Maid Park
  25. Rogers Centre
  26. Angel Stadium of Anaheim
  27. Guaranteed Rate Field
  28. Chase Field
  29. Tropicana Field
  30. Oakland Coliseum


  1. Hi Joe,
    So glad to see where you ranked Sun Trust Field on your updated list. I won’t be able to get there this year but looking forward to a visit in 2019. I finally got to a game at Citi Field this year and was impressed with everything about the place. I agree with you about how Wrigley has lost some of its charm with the new giant scoreboards.
    Living in Toronto I’m afraid we’re stuck with the Rogers Centre for decades to come so I really enjoy travelling to other parks to see games and always look forward to your next article. All the best.


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