Happy Birthday to Sports Weekly

Twenty-five years ago this month, the first issue of Baseball Weekly hit newsstands across the country.  It was run by Gannett, who also published the highly successful USA TODAY. The execs at Gannett were huge baseball fans — and early fanatics of fantasy baseball — and they hated it when The Sporting News stopped including box scores in 1990.  So in April 1991, they launched a weekly magazine that is still going strong.  Despite a seven-month baseball strike in 1994, a name change to Sports Weekly in 2002, and a consolidation of the staff with USA TODAY Sports in 2006, the publication is still going strong. 

Did you know that Sports Weekly has three times the number of readers of Baseball America?  Did you know that they have the good sense to run articles by me — over 50 times in the past four years? (Sorry, couldn’t resist mentioning that!)  And in this Internet age when media companies — even USA TODAY — tend to give their content away for free, Sports Weekly still requires you to subscribe to get to read their excellent coverage.  I respect that.

So congrats to Senior Editor Steve Borelli (a really great guy — and, yes, he’s the one who gives assignments to me and artfully edits what I submit), Assistant Managing Editor Josh Barnett and everyone associated with Sports Weekly!


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